The Top Grinder removes all the imperfections

At Q-fin Quality Finishing we developed the Top Grinder. This innovative XL grinder machine is designed and developed by a team of qualified and experienced experts. Our Top Grinder removes all the visible and invisible imperfections from the metal. With this machine it is even possible to apply a specific abrasive structure onto the material.

A mobile grinder machine

Our Top Grinder can be used for many processes, like deburring grinding, polishing and edge rounding. This mobile grinder machine can grind all kinds of metals, for example it grinds stainless steel, aluminium and steel. The Top Grinder is equipped with a two-button controlling system and is available in two models: a magnet support and a vacuum support.

Realize a faster and more efficient production process

With our Top Grinder it will be possible to realize a faster, effective and more efficient production process. The machine deburrs semi-automatically. Your products will just simply look better, shinier and more aesthetic.

Want more information about the Top Grinder?

Do you want more information about the Top Grinder? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our experts will be pleased to inform you about our machine. Or just take a look at our website and discover more about our deburring and grinding machines.