The best tips to start your own restaurant

Is it your lifelong dream to start your own restaurant? If you don’t have any experience in working at a restaurant, we suggest you do that first. By working different jobs in a restaurant, you really get how a restaurant works. If you want to start your own restaurant without any experience, you’re doomed. When you already have some experience, you still need some advice. In this article you will learn all you need to know about starting your own restaurant. 

Find the right concept for your restaurant

A lot of people start a restaurant that they like. But it’s better to research the market to know what your target group is missing in your city or village. Do you want to start a pizza restaurant but are there already five of those in your village, then it might not be a good idea. You want to execute your passion, but you also want to make money! Find a concept that is popular and unique, but not yet present in your neighborhood. Do a lot of research!

Set up a menu

When you’ve found your concept, it’s time to set up a menu. It is important that your menu is in line with the concept, otherwise it will fail. Do you want an all you can eat menu or do you want to serve three courses? Also keep your target audience in mind while setting up a menu. If your concept focuses on young people, don’t serve high profile food. And of course this also works the other way around. Whilst setting up a menu, think about all the work it takes to prepare it. Make it easy for yourself and chose dishes that have similar ingredients, so you can prepare it all at once!

Choose the right suppliers

Once you’ve set up a menu, you have to write down which ingredients you need. Then you can search for the right suppliers for your ingredients. Are you starting an Italian restaurant? Of course, you can make the pizza dough yourself but isn’t it way more convenient to find a pizza dough supplier? In that way, you can serve great food fast and your guests don’t have to wait too long!

Hire experienced staff

It’s important to hire experienced staff. Don’t go for cheap or settle for less. Of course you can hire some waiters that don’t have much experience, but always have some experienced people above them. Hiring an experienced chef is most important, so don’t save there!