Business Process Mapping, what does it do?

Business Process Mapping, or BPM, is related to the organisation of business processes within a firm. It provides insights into the different, internal processes inside an organisation and enables employees to share this knowledge with their colleagues.

Importance of BPM

There is a reason why BPM is used within organisations. Managing the internal business processes and IT add significant value to the company. By having a transparent way of gaining insights into how processes are managed and how IT supports these business processes, the business processes become more effective as it allows for more efficiency, less complexity and less expensive.


BlueDolphin is one example of BPM software. This software enables for information gathering that takes place in one central space. It also produces graphics that simplify the communication within the organisation and allows for mutual understanding. The organisational processes are linked to the underlying ICT resources, which promotes effective cooperation and coordination. This is essential for efficient procedures within organisations.

Overall, BPM creates the opportunity to have business processes that align with the overarching strategic business goals. Simplifying the business processes and including ICT solutions will enable firms to reach these goals.