4 Types of Dart Games for Your Weekend Fun


Starting from a military pastime to a pub game, the game of darts has come a long way. Now, there are many organisations and clubs organising the game. However, the game is most enjoyed at home and during the weekend with friends and family. So, here are 4 types of dart games for your weekend fun.

Various brands

501 and 301

The most common dart match played professionally is 501. In this game, all players start with the score of 501 or 301 and they are given turns for throwing three darts. After calculating the score from each turn, it is deducted from the total score. If you hit the bull’s eye, then you can score 50 points and the outer ring scores 25. Apart from these, there can be double and treble scores. The first player to reach zero wins. 


This is one of the most common darts game played at pubs. In this game, a coin is tossed to decide which player gets the first turn. Fun thing is the score is added as points after a player scores 40. For example, if he scores 58, only the points over 40 will be added, so he will get 18 points on his name.

Wide range

Around the clock

Another popular dart game, it requires every player to throw a dart in all the segments from 1 to twenty. You will have to start with 1 and then proceed to the next number. Keep in mind that you cannot proceed if the dart does not hit the current segment successfully. Doubles and trebles are ignored in this game. To win, you will have to hit all the targets and then finish with the 25 and the bull’s eye. 


This is the ideal game for large groups. In this game, you must throw the dart with your bad-hand and the number it hits will become your number. You can only hit this number. Once you score five lives, you become the killer and can hit others’ numbers. Players cannot hit others’ number until they become killer. If the killer hits them, then their score is deducted. Like this, players are eliminated and the one left at last wins. 

Choose your game and have fun with your group.